Members of the McCormick County First Steps Board represent areas of the community that affect young children and their families.

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board

Fredrick Fuller, Jr., Chairperson
Nathan McCasline, Vice Chairperson
Donna England, Secretary
Mae Phillips Turner, Asst Secretary
Sharon Bordeaux
Verteema Chiles
Earthy Gaskin
Deborah Gunter
Daniel Lott
Salisa McTeer
Brenda Moore
Jackie Novack
Ann Snyder

Fredrick Fuller Jr, Chairperson
From the Desk of
Fredrick Fuller, Jr

We have a commitment to responding to the needs of our preschool children and their families. While the needs of our county's youngest residents have never been greater, daily we see the impact of our donors' generosity and the dedication of our staff. To all our donors, partners, and others who have let us share in their generosity, and on behalf of our dedicated and talented Board, I offer my sincere gratitude.

Nathan McCasline, Vice Chairperson
From the Desk of
Nathan McCasline
Vice Chairperson

McCormick County First Steps (MCFS) is an organization that is deeply committed to ensuring that the children of McCormick County are ready for school and for life. Thanks to the board and staff of MCFS, as well as our donors, community members, and partners. They provide valuable resources to promote school readiness and help support a child’s development. It is a privilege to serve on this board and I am confident that MCFS is dedicated to making a difference in school readiness for our children.

Plans and Reports

You can review the Minutes from our Board of Trustee Meetings, our Annual Reports, or our Comprehensive Plan to learn more about our forward strategy by clicking any of the corresponding links below


Comprehensive Plan

Annual Reports